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our Homepage offer a simple platform for professional or amateur journalists, who are interest to publish as soon as possible new press releases to the Internet. Use the easy way to publish new press releases quickly and for free within a picture or video on our websites. Whether professional or amateur journalist, current press releases from around the worldwill accepted. Easy to use, easy navigation, quick placement and distribution of your messages on the Internet. On request, also without additional advertising!


One of the peculiarities of is the easy navigation within the sites and the easy use of all offered features. New press releases will be activated immediately via an email (if desired) and then added at the search services automatically and correctly. The author, title, and the associated keywords and other important details will be considered for the search services.

In addition, an entry is made into the for everyone freely accessible RSS-Feeds.

Press releases

New releases are displayed on the main page of and on the Google search service provider and within the "Google News" automatically after a few minutes. Internet users can quickly be aware of the new press release.

Free, efficient and fast is free for users and is supported solely by advertisements which are labeled as "advertisement". allows for all a fast, efficient and free press work. Subsequently, it will be made a careful placement of the individual press releases on the Internet, usually on the Google search service provider after a few minutes or will be taken over by third parties in journalism.

Your Press - with 3 steps to a success

1. The contact informations offers you a simple form for entering your contact details. At least three entries are expected:

Your first name and surname

and your email address, which will not be published.

So you have already met the minimum requirements for submitting your contact informations.

These required fields are marked with a red asterisk. *

The press shortcut

Of course, it is helpful for the reader to see your complete contact information. So that you not need to enter for each new press release the same contact information every time, offers you a named "press shortcut".

This allows you to select letters and / or numbers, in conjunction with a password, to automatically create a press shortcut with your first press release only for your own person (contact information). Was a press shortcut created by you and it has been activated by us, you automatically get the option for "self activate and publish" new press releases. You will then receive an email with an "activate-link" to immediately activate itself a new press release.

For more press releases you will only need to specify your press shortcut associated with the correct password to add automatically your contact information to the new press release. So you must not fill out the form with your contact information again. You can jump immediately to enter the new press release.

Should something change in your contact details, such new street address, telephone number or email address, so it's no problem:

Simply type in the input field the new data and use your already created press shortcut. The system will then detect and automatically the changes and takes the new information into your existing press shortcut. Therefore, you must not create a new press shortcut if something was changed in your contact details.

2. The text edit

We want to make your job as easy as possible. For this reason offers a text editor with major features to be able to edit properly new press releases.

You can format the text according to your wishes, or you can add external links.

Tip: Add a space at the end of an URL to detect it automatically or add a link manually with the "chain symbol".

Are you satisfied with the result of your new press release, click Preview.

Then you can still decide on which way the new press release will be published:

If you would like post your new press release for free but with additional ads, click Submit.

After the new press release add, the system will send an email to the linked email address, if was used a activated press shortcut.

3. Post message

Now you just have to wait for the email that was sent to your email address. Now confirm your new press release, follow simply the instructions in this email.

And that is it! It was very simple to publish a new press release on

Here you can publish a free and new press release now