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pr The automatic picture service (GetPressImage-Bot)

Preliminary information (see also for website "" at

Basically, do not crawl any websites! Also we do not examine specific sites with any kind of content, content will not examine or evaluate by us.

This portal principle launching new press releases by third parties only and who were admitted the new press releases directly at

Nevertheless, it can happen that you find in your log files a user-agent-entry of (German Domain). That would be the case if, for example, you should add to the new press release a picture and the image will then automatically picked up by our picture service from an another website.

Function of GetPressImage-Bot

Our GetPressImage-Bot identifies itself with the called user-agent.

The bot GetPressImage transfer to server the entry

IP-Address - Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; GetPressImage/1.1;

and refers precisely to this website.

Now should be added to a new press release an image, the GetPressImage-Bot do the following functions:

1. Review of the HTTP header of the target Url (Image)

2. Was the access successful, then pick-up the image. Now it follows an automatic adjustment of the image for the new press release add.

Our current image list, you can view this list via this link.